Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blame Timothy Olyphant (and 8 other reasons) for my Delinquent Blogging Habits

1. The whole point of a blog is to fulfill a narcissistic desire that other people care as much about what you have to say as you do about saying it (writing it).  But I have no idea if anyone is actually reading my entries never mind eagerly anticipating my next semi-witty post. As such, I'm not hugely committed to writing on the weekly basis that I had hoped to.  Now, if someone wanted to pay me for this...I'd be all over it!

2.My girls have decided they need to call my name approximately every 90 seconds that they are awake.  And sometimes even when they are sleeping (I kid you not.).  I'm not going to get into how much I love my girls, love hearing what they have to say and how much they love talking to me because in a few years they won't blah blah blah.  Any mama worth her mama title knows this.  And any mama not up for sainthood also knows that you can get diddly and squat done when your kids need to talk to you every 90seconds 20 out of 24 hours a day.  Even when their daddy is standing right in front of them willing to talk, listen, or do.

3.My phone is poopy.  What's that you say, in the middle of a contract so not eligible for a free upgrade yet? Then by all means my phone should stop working consistently.  I use my phone for the majority of my online interactions because it's easy.  But for reasons beyond my understanding,the touch screen is starting to fail, the apps don't work consistently and when drafts of emails and text messages disappear, I'm not going to risk that with a blog entry.  Also, sometimes my gadgets know when I'm coveting other gadgets and stop working out of spite. My phone must know that I was recently lured into wanting an iPad despite my solid stance against succumbing to dark side. (More on this another time I'm sure.  If I can stop being a delinquent blogger)

4. I'm under the delusion that all of posts have to be deeply meaningful...or at least long.  And, as of yet the technology to extract posts from my head that I think up when not near a keyboard - does not exist. Besides, I'm out of practice.  I used to be an avid journal-er and so was much better at writing personal perspective pieces.  But that was before I went back to school and had three children so that my writing as of late has consisted of text messages to myself of grocery lists, reminders, and 12-20 page academic papers.

5.I've developed a thing for a Kentucky Marshall.  Or more accurately, Timothy Olyphant in Justified.  I don't why.  His character is a bit of an ass.  I've never been particularly into the cowboy-type.  He's certainly no Jon Bon Jovi (Oh, wait, maybe I am into the cowboy-type.  As long as it's just pretend.)  My new "interest" has resulted in marathon viewings of the show's three seasons.

6.I continue to enjoy the conversation - and other things - offered up by my partner. Easy distractions from the computer. And I haven't even bought him a cowboy hat yet.

7.I recently re-discovered my love of reading and my ability to whip through a good book in a day or two.

8.My interactions with the grown up world are somewhat limited and as a result so is my content. Also, holding balancing my netbook on my knee while breastfeeding my almost 3mos old is both mildly painful for me and potentially a bump on the head for her. (Don't worry, I haven't let it slip yet.)

9.I like to sleep.

Do you have secret crush on a TV cowboy? 

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