Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Butter Account

I have a butter account.  It’s an odd little thing really.  In fact, I didn’t even realize it existed until a couple of weeks ago.  It works much like a regular account complete with service charges and interest.  I am the one who usually makes the deposits of 1-2lbs a week.  But not only is it a joint account between Mark and myself, but we share it with R and L.  It’s incredibly easy to make a withdrawal, simply opening the fridge accomplishes this task.  I’ve always taken this account for granted it seems.  I need butter, I go to make a withdrawal and it’s there.  If it isn’t there, then I find the resources necessary to replenish the account.  However, it seems I am not the only one to take this account for granted.  Mark does as well; he thinks it’s self-replenishing.  This would be a common fallacy associated with butter accounts.  (Much like chocolate accounts.)

A few weeks ago Mark complained about the high cost of the service fees on the butter account.  In fact, he expressed disbelief at the fact it was in overdraft.  I pointed out that he has happily reaped the interest on the account, but that it does in fact require a deposit or two to be made.  Mark went out to access the necessary replenishment.  He returned with four times the resources I usually make.  All things being fair, I didn’t particularly care whether it was a move of a passive-aggressive nature or genuine replenishment, my account was once again topped up and the hold on it removed. I was free to spend from the butter account again. 

And here, for the official record is the statement of accounts:
- dozens of eggs, fried or scrambled for various breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
-several loaves of bread toasted and buttered
-one fillet of trout, pan fried
-one saucepan lemon-butter-anchovy sauce for asparagus
-several buttered baked potatoes
-one giant pot Bolognese sauce, monter au beurre
-one saucepan alfredo sauce
-one dozen welsh cheddar biscuits
-one dozen chocolate chip scones
-several cups of popcorn drizzled
-lemon buttercream frosting for one lemon chiffon cake

Who wants to tell Mark that there is only one pound of butter left in the account?  Perhaps I’ll wait until after he’s had some of the buttercream frosted cake.

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