Monday, 20 August 2012

Five things I wish I could tell my kids teacher

Over on the yummy mummy club a teacher "dished" about five things he/she would like to tell parents but can't. Here are five things I'd like to tell my kid's teacher,(Keep in mind she's only going into Grade 1 and some of it is for L's teacher next year when she starts.):

1. Can we stop with the head gear and costumes?
Every year, multiple times a year, we get the bulletin from school saying some kids have lice. We all know it's not a personal hygiene issue. But you know what doesn't help? Having headgear and costumes kids share. What's the point of my tormenting my kid with tea tree oil, back combing her hair, and drilling her about not sharing brushes and hats if you make it part of class?

2. Just because my kid is smart doesn't mean she can be overlooked
R was too smart for SK. So she spent a lot of time waving her hand in the air only to be overlooked for another child to give the answer. All the time. Every kid needs encouragement and opportunity. It's defeating to see her not bother to try anymore after being ignored too many times.
Oh and while we are talking about it, please give your attention to the "not cute" kids and direct your teaching assistants and student volunteers to do the same. Drives me crazy!

3.Your coffee breath stinks and it's rude
This is in retaliation to a teacher's comment (online not to my kid!) about kids not bringing smelly lunches like garlic or fish. Besides the obvious racism, it seems hypocritical given the stale burnt coffee many teachers sip throughout the day. Which is also rude because my kid can't have a cup of milk sitting in her desk all day!

4. I'm not interested in your scheduled breaks.
I'm so tired of the archaic practice of rushing kids through lunch then shoving them out the door to play so that teachers can get a break. Listen, I couldn't spend all day with 28 kids without breaks but for lunch hour to be forty minutes after morning recess and only consist of 20 minutes to get,consume, and put away lunch. That's an unreasonable request and you would go on strike if it was demanded of you. Oh and by the by, how about actually paying attention to what's going on in the school yard when you are on duty? I don't get to ignore my kid until they are bleeding or crying, you shouldn't either.

Stop parking in the spots closest to the doors. Stop trying to put together the best concert ever and just relax and have fun with the kids! Stop sending the kids outside when it's -30 or +35. Stop assuming every kid has a mom and a dad to make gifts for. Stop scheduling shows at the last minute during the day because we work too. Stop assuming there is extra money for all of the "extras. But most importantly, stop forgetting that this is more than a job, it's a vocation.

I have a much more extensive rant on the horrors of the full day kindergarten program R was in for SK but I'm trying to move on. Stay tuned to see if it goes up.

What do you wish you could tell the teacher?

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