Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Cake Photos

Recently on Facebook, a photographer friend confessed to never taking photos of birthday cakes. I take pics of the awesome robot cakes Mark builds out of cakes I make; or of the girls baking cakes. But other then that, nope, no picture of the cake unless it is smooshed all over someone's face I'm not interested. My kids take pics of their cakes but who am I to stop them?

This led me to think of our wedding and wedding photography. We asked a good friend of ours to take pics -he's an artist and one of the few people we could trust to take good photos). One of our biggest concerns over wedding pictures was not getting the artsy ones. As in- we didn't  want the artsy ones! I don't need to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money ( and please understand, I have paid professional maternity and newborn shoots and would easily pay for more professional pics because I understand and respect the work and time and talent invested in a professional photographer and then stunning photos they produce) to take any of the following photos which I have seen and/or been a part of. And yes this sounds a bit judge but I'm referring to this current point and time. My wedding now, not my wedding pre-kids or in my twenties or with gobs of money to spend. 
-the cake at various angles and in various tones. Yes, I get it. Wedding cakes (edible or just mock cakes which I have seen) are works of art unto themselves. But I don't need a dozen pics of the cake from all angles and in sepia tones. Who wants to eat that?! And yet, I hope there is at least one photo of our wedding cake because we made that nine layer deliciousness ourselves! 
-the buffet table, the dessert spread, place settings, a slice cake with an artistic bite taken out of it
-other people's children doing cute things. Pay for your own family photo shoot people! I kid.  Sort of. But I didnt allow kids other then my own and one infant at my wedding.
-a close up of the ring, a flower, a hairpin. It's my ring, I will be wearing it daily. Where am I supposed to put a photo of it-eBay when I can't pay my bills?! Note: a close up of our hands with our rings on, I can live with that.
-shoes. Other than at a midwifery graduation here in Ontario where all the grads where red shoes, I don't understand this one. It's bad enough to take a close up of everyone's shoes in a circle at the wedding but I've had a photographer take a picture of Mark and I in our two tones and we are just guests at the wedding. Who pays for that?
-Mark leaping over anything or anyone
-Anyone holding up cutesy signs on over sized cue cards or under sized blackboards

Here's what I do want- photos capturing moments of us and our girls before, during and after the wedding. Mark and I together dancing, kissing ( tastefully. Because there are some rather graphic ones from a particularly boozy night in my iPhone). Us interacting with friends. Some wide angle party shots and some posed pics just to ensure they happen. Anything that captures who we are. And let's be honest, anything where I look awesome!

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