Thursday, 5 July 2012

The guys at the door

Firstly, I'm writing this via my iPhone app for the first time so please excuse the errors until I get a chance to review from my laptop and get used to the app. It's a short one because I couldn't resist.

So here's my question: in the era of smartphones, did the guy at the door wanting to come inside with his maintenance man-to inspect the household's HVAC ( which for the record I know stands for heating, vacuum, and air condition without needing to look it up) system really think I was going to let him come in? Dude, I looked up your company that you were pretending was a government inspection unit, while you were standing in front of me!! And the fact that you didn't have a business card or a badge? C'mon,take a lesson from the guys that come by at dinner time and aggressively bang on the door and try to bully us. Yes, dude, I will give you credit for being polite, only subtly pushy,and trying to incite my sense of responsibility to mother earth. But the sob story of not having your own vehicle and being dropped off to cover the neighborhood and needing to walk 4km if I really wanted a business card. That story? Not so much making me want to let you in the house.

Here's the thing, I almost never answer the front door. If I'm expecting you, then I'll know it. I'm downright aggressive about door-to-door people to the point of warning them off from a few houses down pointing to my girls and threatening wrath if their naps are interrupted (pretty sure the Wittnesses are praying for my children!). But this guy caught me in an unusually generous mood. And for that he should thank the lovely firefighter who I saw approaching the door earlier and jumped up to answer it. The firefighter even came back with coloring books for my girls. I believed him when he directed me to a website on safety. Must have been the uniform!

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  1. Lmao! I feel you. You need a window on the door. I walk up, look out the window. If it's no one I'm familiar with (I don't care if they saw me), and I'm not feeling generous, I walk away. Don't care. That's why I have a door, and it comes with a lock!!!