Sunday, 8 July 2012

We didn't buy a zoo but it feels like we're packing for a move there!

I'm hoping to take my girls to the zoo tomorrow. 
Three things need to happen:my oldest child needs to fall asleep NOW; my youngest child has to promise not to try to kill me before/during/after the car ride (note to self:cut baby'sfingernails first thing in morning)  and finally the temperature really has to top out at 25 degrees. It'd be fabulous if the highways were congestion free but even if we left at 3am that wouldn't happen.

To help ensure the sanity and fun factor, I’ve asked my youngest sister to come with us. 
She loves the zoo.  My girls love her.  And its really nice to have an extra pair ofhands and eyes when it comes to shuttling three darlings through bathroom and eating routines.

I suspect that I’m actually going to lose sleep over this.  I’m a planner and I have not adequately prepared for this day trip.  Last year, I sent myself a half-dozen text messages in the middle of the night reminding myself of what to take.  Too bad I didn’t save them!  Except now I have to add a few more items to account for Baby C.  On the other hand, we’ll have a stroller to dump all our stuff in. minimum I need:

  • a half dozen diapers;a couple of diaper covers; wet wipes; and plastic bags
  • two changes of clothes for the baby; and one for each of the big girls and myself
  • Camillia for teething and a teether
  • two dfferent doses of Tylenol for the big girls
  • several water bottles
  • nuts, dates, cereal bars, fruit, sandwiches, and juice boxes
  • fully charged iPhone, because I can’t take my camera with me.  It's just too hard to balance a DSLR with Baby C in arms. And, I’m admittedly bored with the animal photos that we never print and just need a few of the girls for the memory book.
  •  You
 know, the one we never get around to making every summer but always plan on and then wish we had.
  • A couple of receiving blankets which are the multi purpose superstars of my life
  • And cash because the parking at the zoo is freaking expensive; I’ll definitely need
  • coffee;the car will probably require gas; and I will buy my girls a drumstick and ride on the merry-go-round

    Did I mention we only plan on being out of the house for six hours?

    How long does it take you take you to get out the door with your kids?  Do you take more or less stuff?  And do YOU like the zoo?

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