Saturday, 27 July 2013

Drunk Dial-the Old School Drink Text/Post/Status

Mark and I just got home from dinner at a friend's place. "Just" as in I should post this in the morning to make sure there are actual words here and not random collections of letters my thumbs decided to land on.

And this need to check my post is actually what inspired it. I am so so soooo happy to have Mark in my life for reasons too lengthy to get into here but one of the many reasons, which incidentally he brought this up first- years ago, is because of the lack of impulse control to drunk dial or phone a friend after an extra round (or three) at the bar. The fact that I have him, right here, to kiss and make suggestions to, that he will agree to ( Little known secret, when we were dating he would frequently turn down my suggestive suggestions) is fabulous. Not to mention face saving. Also, having kids helps-in that you either have no friends left to drunk dial ( who wouldn't kill you for waking them up) or your kids monopolize your time as soon as you get home so you don't have time to drunk dial.    

Drunk dial, seriously. Does anyone do that anymore or is it drunk text or IM or PM? I gather its not tweet or update because that would be more public. But wow, what's worse, leaving a rambling voice mail and/or speaking to someone while completely hammered or texting/messaging them? Both are traceable and evidently you. Both will leave you with strong memories if you are unlucky or no memory of it at all if you are lucky (except for evidence on the Internet forever should that PM have actually been a wall post). Both can leave you vulnerable and both can be satisfactory.

Anyway... Sheesh, a person tends to ramble on post-drinking-my point is that 
Mark and I were a couple long before social media had a death grip on society so the worst that could happen then was that I would remember the night before, when  I woke up in the morning, feel slightly or very guilty about the events that passed and realize it didn't matter because I was in the good company of GL, LA, KJ, LP, and JB and we'd basically all pulled the same or similar stunts

I'm not sadly reminiscing. I'm  just in awe of how far things have come, how much my life and life in general has changed in the past decade. It was a topic of discussion tonight but not in a drunk way rather a thread that wove itself through different topics and ended with our departure wherein I said something along the lines of "I better stay offline when I get home as I just drank a bottle of big red on my own." Basically, suggesting I'd go home and dote on or rave about how amazing our friends  are and how much I love them. And Mark. And my girls. And being a mama, which for me, is just so much better then being able to stay out at a bar or club until last call. I am surrounded by love, and conveniently, good friends who enjoy good food and wine-lots of it. Which is the biggest and best difference between life now and life ten or so years ago-the love expressed now after a bottle of wine is genuinely reciprocated and rings true even in the harsh light of the next morning. In fact, it is even stronger. 

Now, time to put away my phone before I post this without an edit.

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